New Jersey Gestational Carrier

27 Year Old New Jersey Gestational Carrier

My name is Emmy and I was a New Jersey gestational carrier. Here’s a little info about myself. I am 27 years old, married with two daughters, and I recently delivered twins as a gestational carrier for another family. I feel like I’ve always known that I wanted to carry for someone else, so after having my second child and knowing I didn’t want any more, I decided that it was time. This is actually a requirement for being a surrogate, but I’ll elaborate more on that later.

I wanted to share my journey and what it was like to do this so that others will know what to expect if they would like to do the same, or if they’re just curious about what all this process involves. I also live in New Jersey, which there seems to be a misconception about surrogacy being illegal here.  To be fair, traditional surrogacy is illegal. Traditional surrogacy is when the carrier’s egg is used with the sperm of the intended father, or sperm donor if one is needed. In my case I was a gestational carrier. We used sperm from each father (same sex couple) along with eggs from an egg donor. This means that the babies were in no way genetically related to me. This also means that the twins were technically half siblings.

Is it Legal to Become a New Jersey Gestational Carrier

Being a New Jersey gestational carrier that is compensated is completely legal. There was misinformation given to me in the beginning of my research from agencies in other states. About a year later, I decided to research it again which is what led me to A Woman’s Gift to begin my journey.