Surrogacy Blog

A Woman’s Gift Launches Fertility & Surrogacy Blog

Welcome to A Woman’s Gift Surrogacy Blog!  We would like to introduce you to our fertility assistance process as well as some of the finer details.   We are an agency that helps infertile people have children using egg donors, gestational carriers, or both.  We are a full-service company that will help you through the selection process, medical and psychological portion, legal process, all appointments, financial matters related to your Gestational carrier or egg donor and any travel arrangements just to name a few.

We work closely with your infertility clinic or will help you choose a clinic that would work well for your situation so that you can achieve your dream of having a child. If you are new to the field of infertility and want some introductory information, you can find that on our home page and FAQ page.  Here in our blog, we are going to be talking more about some misconceptions about the process and getting some firsthand experiences from parents and surrogates that have been through this process or are going through it now.  Hopefully, you can get a clearer picture of what to expect when it comes to the infertility journey with a Gestational carrier or Egg donor.  Whether you are totally new to this process or you are experienced, we hope to help with valuable information.

What’s Our Fertility & Surrogacy Blog About

First you will be hearing from a previous surrogate of ours.  She has recently decided to come work for us here at A Woman’s Gift also.  She will be telling you about her experiences and opinions on the entire process.  We hope that these posts will be helpful to some of you and if there are any suggestions on specific topics that you would like to hear about please let us know!  You can contact our office any time during our business hours or directly on the form on our contact us page.