Egg Donor Screening and
Matching Process

The egg donor screening process is completed after your application is verified and you are notified of your acceptance into the egg donor program.

After your application is reviewed and you are notified of your acceptance into the egg donor program you will then be placed on our site for viewing by our recipients. This is the start of the egg donor matching process. Our site is password protected and only those participating recipients will gain entry to our site to view potential egg donors. Once selected by a potential recipient and you accept the match you may have several medical visits before you are determined to be suitable for egg donation.

This would include drug and nicotine testing and a baseline ultrasound and blood work on day 2/3 of your menstrual cycle. The ultrasound looks at your ovaries for antral follicle count to ascertain there will be enough potential eggs for retrieval. Once you are approved from this initial exam you will then have a physical and gynecological exam, a medical and family history and a psychological evaluation. Upon completion of the screening / testing required by the recipient’s medical facility you will be notified of the results and the egg donation cycle will proceed.

The time until selection can vary from relatively soon after acceptance into our program to a longer waiting period.

There is absolutely no cost to you for any of the medical visits or during the entire donation process.