Gestational Carrier

Gestational carrier compensation must not be a potential candidate’s primary motivation for considering participation in A Woman’s Gift’s carrier program. The demands on the gestational carrier are intense physically, mentally and emotionally. Additionally, the matching and selection process can be fraught with anxiety and powerful emotion for the intended parent(s). All of the parties involved should enter into an agreement only after much thought and careful deliberation.
Gestational Carrier Compensation Amounts

There is no cost to participate in our program as a gestational carrier. In fact, you will be compensated for your time and effort.

• For a first-time gestational carrier, compensation is in the amount of $35,000 (some may consider lower compensation upon request and dependent on their insurance situation).
• For a proven/repeat gestational carrier, compensation can be as much as $40,000 to $45,000 (some may consider lower compensation upon request and dependent on their insurance situation).

Payment for the carrier’s services is spread throughout the pregnancy (as agreed upon contractually). Most often, the carrier receives monthly installments to begin at the detection of a fetal heartbeat and then the 1st of the month thereafter. Any remaining payments are made within thirty days post delivery.

Compensation is made in the same general manner regardless of whether one is a first-time carrier or a repeat carrier. The specific details of compensation are outlined in a detailed legal contract (there is no cost to the carrier neither for the contract nor for independent legal counsel by an attorney of your choosing). Base compensation does not include a maternity allowance, insurance premium payments (if applicable) or any other fees requested and found to be reasonable. These outlined fees will be outlined in the legal agreement between the gestational carrier and the intended parent(s).

There can also be additional payment for specific situations as outlined in the contract.

• Embryo Transfer Fee
• Additional fee for a twin pregnancy
• Additional fee for surgical delivery (C-Section)
• Maternity Clothing Allowance
• Additional fee for any invasive procedures (e.g., amniocentesis, selective reduction, fetal surgery)
• Monthly allowance (when applicable)
• Health insurance (if a candidate does not have health insurance or there is a surrogacy exclusion)
• Life insurance ($500K policy coverage)
• Loss of Organs policy can be included in addition to Life insurance (gives $5,000 for partial loss and $10,000 for complete loss)

Covered Costs and Expenses for Gestational Carrier

All costs associated with the Gestational Carrier’s pregnancy are covered by the Intended parent(s) as specifically outlined in the contract with the Gestational Carrier.

Additional compensation may include but is not limited to:

• Compensation for Lost wages; Childcare; Housekeeping; Mileage. These fees are specific to each match and discussed prior to the drafting of the legal agreement.

Medical screening includes:

Miscellaneous other expenses are often considered reimbursable costs; any such items, however, must be explicitly enumerated in the legal agreement between the Gestational carrier and Intended parent(s).