Intended Parents

Using an Egg Donor
Using an egg donor is a decision that requires careful consideration. One out of every seven couples experience problems with infertility, but through third party reproduction their dreams of having a child can still become a reality. Our egg donor program is specially designed to match childless adults with a suitable donor. All of our donors must go through a rigorous screening process before they are permitted to be a donor, so by the time they’ve completed the screening process you can rest assured that all of our donors are medically and emotionally up to the task of meeting the demands of egg donation. LEARN MORE>>>

Using a Gestational Carrier
Using a gestational carrier is a way to achieve your goal of having a child. A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy for another woman. This is a wonderful alternative available to parents who are unable to bear their own children. The gestational carrier does not provide any genetic contribution (ovum) to the pregnancy. Either donor eggs or intended mother’s eggs will be utilized via the in vitro fertilization process. The resulting embryos created from their egg or donor egg and sperm are transferred, and hopefully will implant, in the uterus of the carrier. The fetus then develops inside the carrier until she gives birth, and then the baby is legally discharged from the hospital to the care of their parent(s). LEARN MORE>>>