Now is the Time to Apply to Become a Gestational Carrier

Now is the Time to Apply to Become a Gestational Carrier

There’s no time like now to apply to become a gestational carrier.  Lots of IVF Clinics are temporarily closing during this time but A Woman’s Gift remains open (working remotely), especially for our ongoing cases. What we can do in this time is make matches so that as soon as this all passes, we can move on with pre-screenings and embryo transfers. We have lots of waiting Intended Parents looking for gestational carriers.

If you are interested in becoming a Gestational carrier, the best thing to do in this down time is first, to submit your application. We will review and see if we can obtain your medical records, especially since most OB/Gyn offices and hospitals are still open. We have lots of waiting Intended Parents so we are anxiously looking for new candidates. We are open to any potential candidate from any state across the country (other than where it is illegal). But you will be matched especially quickly if you are located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut or any of the surrounding areas to those states. Some other very surrogate-friendly states are Illinois, California, Nevada, Washington (state), Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and DC.

Here is the criteria to apply to become gestational carrier:

  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 40
  • Must have a BMI of 18.5 to 34
  • Must have had at least one successful full term pregnancy (at least 37 weeks) and delivery.
  • Must have not had any complications with any previous pregnancies that will be of risk in a future pregnancy (i.e. gestational diabetes, Pre-eclampsia
  • Must be able to obtain a clearance letter from your OB/Gyn that states they are comfortable with you becoming pregnant and would be willing to treat you for the ensuing pregnancy
  • Cannot use nicotine/tobacco or any illegal drugs (this includes marijuana even if it is legal in your state).
  • Cannot be on any medications that are not advised for use during pregnancy

It is not mandatory that you have private health insurance with maternity coverage and no surrogacy exclusions but it is a big bonus.

If you are unsure that you qualify, just contact us! We are more than willing to go over everything with you and answer any questions and calm your concerns.