Our Team

francesFrances A. Fox, R.N. is the founder and clinical director of A Woman’s Gift.   A Woman’s Gift (AWG) was founded in November of 2000.  Fran is a Registered Nurse and graduated from Hahnemann University School of Nursing in 1984.  Fran worked in maternal child health, then in labor and delivery for ten years post-graduation.   In 1994 she began work as an IVF nurse with a local IVF clinic. She was then promoted to donor egg coordinator in 1997 where she managed a very busy egg donor program for the next nine years.   She founded A Woman’s Gift out of her love for third party reproduction and wanted to offer both egg donors and gestational carriers a supportive environment.   She is knowledgeable on all aspects of egg donation and surrogacy medically, legally and emotionally.   She outsources to the very best providers in the industry and takes a hands-on approach to the matching and pregnancy process.  Fran oversees all cases personally.  She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Southern New Jersey.   She is the mother of three children and four grandchildren.  She enjoys travel and crafting but mostly spending time with family.

kellyKelly DiMatteo began working with A Woman’s Gift in 2007.  She is our Egg Donor Coordinator, but has previously worked in all aspects of the business.  Her previous work experience dealt with customer service and administration.  She is a wealth of information on almost every process our egg donors and gestational carriers experience.   Kelly graduated high school from Our Lady of Mercy Academy and received her Associates Degree from Camden County College. Kelly currently lives in Southern New Jersey her husband and two young girls.  She is an avid reader, watches occasional TV and movies and is educated in and talented at photography.  Her favorite subjects to photograph are her children.

laurenLauren Fox started with A Woman’s Gift in 2010.  Lauren’s main position in our office is Financial Coordinator.  However, she has experience coordinating egg donor and gestational carrier cycles as well.  She is very knowledgeable on information regarding egg donation, surrogacy, or the process of becoming a recipient or intended parent.
Lauren attended Rutgers University, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology.  She studied abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy in 2009.  This semester sparked her interest for globe-trotting and she was able to travel to Italy, France, Ireland, England, Spain, and The Netherlands while she was living in Europe. She has also traveled to the Caribbean, Turkey, Greece, Canada and many places in the U.S.  Lauren also loves anything Disney including movies, music and Disney World and has traveled there countless times.  Lauren is also an avid reader and moviegoer.

julieJulie Whipkey began working with A Woman’s Gift in 2014.  Julie brings a very valuable experience as a previous gestational carrier.   Her first gestational pregnancy ended early and a subsequent attempt with another couple was not successful. However, it is because of those experiences that she can be of more value than even those who are successful.   She brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and reality to her position as part time gestational carrier coordinator.   Julie coordinates with outside providers in reviewing applications prior to our director, acquiring their previous pregnancy records and helping Gestational Carriers feel comfortable in the early phases of their journey.  Julie lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and two young children.   She likes to read, but mostly she likes spending time with her husband and children

kimKim Rossi joined A Woman’s Gift in 2016.  Kim is a medical assistant and has an associate’s degree in Health Science.  Kim came to A Woman’s Gift with 10 years of previous experience with a local South Jersey IVF clinic.  While there, she worked closely with the physicians in order to provide the best possible care for patients. Kim managed the clinic’s egg retrievals and embryo transfers. She was responsible for the administration of their IVF patients and much of their day to day care while in cycle.    Kim is working as one of our Gestational carrier coordinators. Part of her position involves coordination with outside providers, reviewing applications prior to our director, acquiring their previous pregnancy records, and helping Gestational carriers feel comfortable in the early phases of their journey.  With her previous clinical background she is able to decipher the medical records of our Gestational Carriers so that we can forward only the best candidate to your IVF clinic once you are matched.  Along with her excellent clinical skills and her extensive knowledge in the field of IVF and third party reproduction, she brings an exceptional level of communication and understanding to the patients of A Woman’s Gift.  Kim is the mother of 3 children and knows the importance of becoming a parent.  Kim lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and three daughters.

heatherHeather Gilstrap is our newest employee and joined A Woman’s Gift in August of 2016.  Heather is a graduate of Rutgers’s University in 2010.  Heather comes to A Woman’s Gift as a human service and administrative professional with 3 years administrative support experience and 5 years of experience with childcare and youth development. After graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Anthropology and Spanish, she has gone on to work with children in youth nonprofits and education. Heather has a passion for travel and learning about other cultures.  She is now fluent in Spanish and practices constantly to keep up her bilingual status.  She has studied and worked abroad in Spain and her favorite city is Valencia.  She recently moved back to the United States and now lives in Southern New Jersey with her family.  In her spare time, she loves to watch international movies and television shows.